• The transformation of communications technology has expanded our potential today to connect with others and share information almost infinitely. Today, technological devices enable us to interface with each other virtually anytime, anywhere. Even in the most basic interpersonal communications, there exists a gap, a void in mutual understanding. This divide is often overlooked as we want so badly to believe we are understood/understanding that our minds compensate, our minds perceive what may or may not be there, sometimes we perceive things that are not there at all. These perceptions enable us to believe in the success of our communications and move forward. We experience communication as a synthesis of transmitted signs and cues received and interpreted through emergent virtual perceptions of each individualʼs subconscious perceptual void. If the success of communication is reliant upon these virtual perceptions, which come from a space other than that of the individuals attempting to communicate, then when we communicate, we are in actuality interacting more with this void space, than with each other. The use and implementation of additional technological tools for interaction with one another deepen this fundamental divide between transmission and reception of human interpersonal communication.
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solving in time

awareness of ignorance. the problem, the hypothesis, the procedure, the results, the conclusion. this situation seems to bring us close to science. departing from an uncertain common point in a given experience and increasing in divergence; 1. a polygon with a growing number of sides– an augmentation of that which it wants to conceal– constantly … Continue reading

liar in the service of truth

void communication “The Void in Communication Meaning Nothing Means Everything Hysterically initiating chains of significance I aim to potentiate infinite meaning.  I perpetually introduce new elements into radiating rings of meaning, connecting circuits, complicating networks, catalyzing feedback.  Paranoiacs may take comfort in the assumption that significance is not what it appears. Unable to conceive of … Continue reading

void communication: the medium & the real

communication  /vɔɪd kəˌmyu nɪˈkeɪ ʃən/: mutual understanding via non-psychological reality “We produce electricity at every moment, the atmosphere is continually electrified, we move among magnetic currents, yet for thousands of years millions of human beings have lived who never suspected the existence of electricity. We might very well have gone on without perceiving it, and … Continue reading

void communication: becoming media

communication media for becoming media April, 2011

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